brand design

Win hearts, minds and business with a strategic and beautiful brand.

A brand is more than a logo, it’s a feeling, a connection, an entity of it's own. I will create a brand based on your values and goals to help you convey your passion. Reach your target audience, connect with them emotionally and turn them into a raving fanclub! You'll be able to use this brand design as the base for all your communications across any medium.

branding + website

Form meets function for a seamless and engaging customer experience.

An intuitive and fully responsive website is crucial. Make that a website that complements your brand, and you’ve got a winner. First I’ll craft a beautiful and meaningful brand design, and then top it up with a converting website to help you interact with your users in practical, emotive and profitable ways. Oh and it will be super easy to update and maintain too!

I really enjoyed working with Zi, she really listens to the customer! She is extremely well organised, fast, efficient and very pleasant to work with. Zi clearly described the process from the outset and made it very easy to communicate with, despite the time difference.

Zi, hope to see you at KiteParadise in summer :)
Raph, Owner at KiteParadise Madagascar

// D0 you want more than pretty?

Whether you’re a new business in search of your first visual manifestation, or an already established company in need of a refresh and refocus, I’ve got your back. I will design a brand that truly reflects how you do business and will serve you as an effective marketing tool for years to come.

Studio Milak designs strategic branding solutions not only for businesses, but also for products and events.