KiteParadise Madagascar

Kite Paradise

This brand brings together board-sports and African culture in a fresh and fun way. 

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The incredible Raph went over and beyond to bring this cosy accomodation for kitesurfers to Sakalava. The locals there don't make it easy for foreign investors. When we first started this project he was struggling not only with locals, but his DIY logo and website just weren't bringing him any customers or online recognition. Luckily the later was something I could help him with.

Just a few weeks later Google started ranking his website on the first page for selected keywords. Isn't it magic what a few strategy sessions, a thoughtful brand and a professional website with good copywriting can do for your business? 

Fun, African, home

We've incorporated typical Madagascar elements into the brand, not only visually but by adapting the room names and the website copy as well. The KiteParadise brand brings together board-sports, African culture and welcoming customer service.

I really enjoyed working with Zi, the project was extremely well and clearly organised and Zi is very easy to communicate with, always available and comprehensive. I’ve received a lot of praise for the website and branding in general. Would definitely use Zi’s services again and I recommend Studio Milak to anyone needing branding, a website or a marketing plan.
Raph, Owner at KiteParadise Madagascar