Keeping the balance between professional and free spirit was the biggest feat in order to deliver a clean corporate brand with just that little bit of swag. 

Paul is a fire consultant with a twist, not your average suit and cubicle kind of engineer. He took his business online which is a fairly unusual approach in such a structured and hardly legislated industry. But he, being this intriguing mix of genius and hippy with a strong thirst for travel, managed to turn his fire engineering consultancy Fire-Q into a great success. 

Professional, reliable, fire

Paul offers very competitive rates to his clients as he cut down on office overheads, but he was having trouble finding new clients and gaining their trust. Paul quickly realised he needed a strong brand in order to succeed among the big fish. He wanted a strong, clean and professional look, with just a little bit of something funky that would make it different and more engaging than the usual dull engineering firm. 

A fiery red, orange and yellow colour palette was chosen for this branding but kept grounded with plenty of neutrals and white space. As expected by engineers, the logo and icons have a strong geometrical character with clear structural features.

I would fully recommend Studio Milak to anyone seeking a graphics, branding and marketing specialist of the highest calibre. I honestly believe that a lot of my company’s success is down to her work, and wouldn’t hesitate to hire Zi in the future.
— Paul Yeomans, Director of Fire-Q ltd