Frequently Asked Questions


How quickly can I work with you? Can you start working with me next week?

I'm usually booked a month or two in advance, sorry! Also this ensures you have enough time to go through the workbooks in the foundations stage of the project.


I tried booking a consultation call with you but all available spots are in the middle of the night for me.

Please send an email with your location & time zone to and include at least 3 dates and times that would work for you. I will do my best to fit you into my schedule and meet with you then.


Do you offer any other services?

Yes, I offer a comprehensive range of graphic design services for web and print. My exiting clients can count on me for anything from sticker design to merchandising, signage, catalogues, labels and packaging, banners, presentation design, media kits, DTP, infographics design and more. Just let me know if there's anything extra that you're interested in and I'll send you a quote. 


What platform will you build my website on?

I'll use Squarespace to build your site. It has a simple and easy to use interface so it will be a breeze for you to once the design process is finished.


How will the site be hosted?

The site will be hosted through Squarespace - an all in one platform with unlimited hosting, top-of-the-line security, an enterprise-grade infrastructure, and around-the-clock support.


Are the domain and Squarespace plan included in the price?

No. The site will be hosted through Squarespace and there are different plans to choose from depending on the size of your site. If you already have a domain we can redirect it, otherwise it's best to buy it through Squarespace.


Why Squarespace and not Wordpress?

I want you to be able to make changes and manage your site easily, without having to pay extra for website maintenance. Wordpress can be confusing and requires an awful lot of maintenance upgrades and plug ins. The Squarespace platform has built in analytics and safety, the interface is intuitive and I can teach you how to upload new content in less than 30 min, you’ll love it! Head this way to read up on why Squarespace is the best option for your website!


What do I need to provide before the project starts?

Completed workbooks, polished content, images and enough time set aside to take this project to the finish line.


What are the workbooks for?

The workbooks are an in depth exercise that will help us determine clear goals and guidelines for the project and will also help you crystallise your marketing and business strategy. 


What if I don’t want to be involved in the process?

I only take one Branding or Branding + Website Client at a time and our process works because we both dedicate ourselves to the successful completion of the project and stick to the deadlines. This ensures mutual focus and momentum so we can move on to the next step in the process and finalise the project in the agreed timeline with the bang it deserves.


What is a round of revisions?

One round of revisions means that you give us a single list of all the changes you’d like to see in the current mockup. Because this work is done on a timeline, it’s important to sum up all your thoughts and changes in a comprehensive list.


Why do I have deadlines?

This ensures mutual focus and momentum so we can move on to the next step in the process and finalise the project in the agreed timeline. It allows me to dedicate full attention to your project and ensures I’m available to do the same for my next client booked in after you.


What if I miss a deadline?

This whole process works because we both have strict deadlines. If for any reason you can’t keep up your end of the agreement, billing at a discounted hold rate of $200/day starts after the deadline passes. If you can’t dedicate time to the project, we can’t move forward and I will put your project on hold.


Are stock photos included in the price?

You are responsible to provide photos to be used on your website. If I believe some stock images would work well with your new branding and website design, I will get your approval before billing you for them.


Is print of collateral items included in the price?

No, but I will provide print ready files and recommendations or liaise with the printer of your choice.


How does payment work?

A 40% non-refundable down payment is required to secure your booking. For Brand Development packages the remaining 60% is due once the design process is completed but before file handover. For Website Development packages the outstanding amount is split in two parts – 30% at the start of the design process and the final 30% once the design & web development process is completed but before file handover and launch.


Overdue payments

The payments in your payment plan have due dates. If you’re late with providing payment then I reserve the right to withhold project delivery until all outstanding project fees and assessed penalties are paid in full. Payments that are not received within 10 days of the original due date might incur a late fee.


What if I’m unsatisfied with your design?

If you use up all your revisions and need more, that's no problem! Extra revisions are billed at a discounted hourly rate of $65. Because of that, I have never had a client go away with a design they don't love.


What if the project goes on past the deadline?

As a small business owner, I’m sure you understand how important it is to keep this project on track for it’s deadline. I really appreciate your timely feedback on mockups because it helps us to stay on track! If your project does go over its deadline your final payment will still be due on the original deadline date.