4 reasons why I choose Squarespace over Wordpress for my web design projects

There are countless articles out there comparing Wordpress and Squarespace and everyone seems to have their 2 cents why one is better than the other. I believe they’re both excellent, but each one has it’s own strengths and weaknesses and different benefits for different users. Most of the above mentioned articles tell it from the designer's, developer's or the DIY wizz's perspective, but in this blog post I focus on the benefits of a Squarespace site for my clients and final users.

WordPress definitely offers more functionality and flexibility for the designer, so why did I opt for Squarespace? In a nutshell - to make it a breeze for you, so you can spend less time worrying about the technical stuff and more time growing your business.


1. Squarespace makes it easy to update and add content to your website

Squarespace has a clean, easy to understand and user-friendly interface. Click, drag & drop - that’s all the skills you need to add/update content on your website. All the editing happens on the page itself and you can see the changes as they would appear in your browser. No clicking through a million pages/widgets/tabs or using shortcodes in the back end just to realise your business hours have been hard-coded into the footer and you now need to contact your developer to update them.

4 reasons why I choose Squarespace over Wordpress for my web design projects


2. Squarespace has excellent customer support

Squarespace offers 24/7 hour support to help with any questions you might have. They also have an impressive database of resources and tutorials, and a forum where you can get help from other users as well. On top of that, you'll get training and support as part of my web package if you chose my services.


3. Squarespace offers transparent pricing and allows you to plan your expenses

Squarespace is a subscription service. You chose your package and decide if you’d rather pay monthly or once per year which makes it easy to plan your expenses and investments. There are no ongoing maintenance costs and technical issues are solved by the above mentioned support team.

True, WordPress is open source and free to download, but it is absolutely not free to build and run a functional website on WordPress! There are expenses associated with website hosting, theme costs, plugin costs, and the biggest of all - maintenance. I’m not talking (just) about the business hours that have been hardcoded into the footer, ongoing maintenance is a significant expense for WordPress sites. Which brings me to the next point in favour of Squarespace, see number 4 below.



4. Squarespace offers FREE ongoing maintenance & security

In WordPress you have to keep the platform, your theme and your plugins up to date. Updates come often, and often they cause problems. Not all themes and plugins can keep up with the updates and sometimes that can cause your site to break, and broken sites become vulnerable to security issues ... Open source software offers a world of possibilities for developers and hackers alike.

Squarespace removes the hassle usually associated with maintaining a website. They limit their themes and don’t allow third party ones. This ensures that everything on Squarespace website is troubleshooted, compatible and does not conflict with each other. All features are built in and there are no plugins and no theme updates, or backups you need to worry about.

Squarespace servers have exceptional stability and almost no downtime. They also create a second backup of your content to standby servers, just in case.


So here we are, my 5 cents on this popular topic. I seriously believe the ease of use and not having to worry about maintenance out-weights any downfalls this platform might have. As a business owner you need to focus your time on what really matters and advances your growth, and simplify all other aspects so why not chose a platform that helps you do just that. 

PS. This post does NOT contain affiliate links and I do not get any compensation for promoting Squarespace (I wish I would :P), but I can offer you a 20% discount on the first year’s subscription as part of my website development packages.